I am driven by an innate curiosity and desire to help people discover who they are and what motivates, inspires and drives them. My psychology background informs both my clinical work and my business coaching as in both I strive to look below the surface of life and really help you know and understand yourself better. This self-awareness is key to enable any necessary change, be that at a personal or professional level.

We all need to be resilient when under pressure and to develop strategies to manage what our personal and professional lives might throw at us. I really believe that to pay attention to and strengthen our psychological health is as important as going to the gym and looking after our physical health, if not even more so. 

As a coach my aim is to help you to take ownership of your own development and motivate you to feel that what you want to achieve is within your grasp.

Our own mindset or a lack of confidence in our abilities can sometimes hold us back from aiming for the top. These are all things that are within your power to change.

As a therapist I endeavour to work alongside you in a more in-depth way, looking at your past experiences in order to make sense of certain behaviours or patterns that may be present today.

It can be transformational to gain clarity over relationships or situations that are causing us pain in our lives and realise that we can effect positive change and release ourselves from limiting situations and relationships.


“I wanted Beatrice to tell me what to do to get further. She didn’t. Instead she managed to undermine my assumptions and revisit my expectations of myself and of my colleagues: for the better. Although our meetings were relatively few, their effect has transformed my approach to everything I do.”

Professor, University of Edinburgh

“”Beatrice’s input, approach and personal manner were instrumental in helping me make crucial decisions about my career. Sessions were structured in a way that led me to understand my challenges and provide a clear path to resolving the issues I brought.”

Voluntary Sector Consultant

“Beatrice provided an insightful and on point series of presentations for our team development programme. They were very well received by all participants and we look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Media Agency Director

“Beatrice helped me think about my priorities and how these might change over time – and also about how my life outside work and the way I behave was having an effect on my work life. I found the sessions extremely helpful and I have been able to implement a number of positive changes as a result.”

GP Partner, London

“Since working with Beatrice I have developed the confidence and commitment I needed to pursue a new role, which has improved my motivation, focus and productivity both in and away from the workplace.”

Educational Trust Fundraiser