A company is only ever as good as the people who work in it, and they need to work in harmony to drive the business forward.

Skills Presentations– 360 Assessments – Workshops
Supporting whole organisations or teams can dramatically improve levels of communication, trust and the quality of relationships within it, all of which are essential for them to work more effectively and productively together. 
At times organisations or teams do not function together as efficiently as they could do; it may be that an upscaling of skills is required, or they might require support managing a period of fast change and growth. 
An organisational coach can bring a fresh pair of eyes and ears to a situation. Someone who is trained to pick up unspoken tensions affecting a group, and who can listen to and support the individuals within it, can transform the way organisations function.


  • For tailor-made skills workshops, team-building sessions or 360 assessments and evaluations, I am well placed to work alongside your organisation to help support and improve on the skills already there, and to enhance communication and productivity.
  • I believe that no business, big or small, can afford not to support the people within it and offer them the training, knowledge and tools that will strengthen and support them as individuals and as part of the wider system.
  • My clients include: Family businesses, start-ups, non-profit, creative industries, universities and many more. I work with global organisations supporting their staff and teams remotely online.